Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Banks Lake July

Some valuable lessons brought to you by Banks Lake.
1. A big tent...is always a better tent. Mostly. Unless there is a wind and rain storm. Then? Not so much.
2. Life vests keep you safe. Hence the name. They also give you wedgies.
3. Fun in the water is different for everyone.
4. Expecting popcorn to last while on vacation is just silly.
5. You are free to jump off of rocks how you see fit.
6. Even on vacation, taking a header into a swing set is not the best idea.
7. Electronics are like magnets to our kids. They are sure to be your BFF's if you have a gadget.
8. If you float, you never float alone.
9. When a kid is skiing you take 90 gazillion pictures.
10. Boat rides are...as Nacho Libre would say..."The best!"
11. Especially if you have one arm around your best pal and your hand on Grandma's leg.
12. Aunt Ramonah makes this face...A Lot.
13. But in Ramonah's defense she makes this face a lot too.
14. Having cousins around is where it is at!
15. When Penny won't speak to you, ice cream bribery works wonders.
16. Having a cute face and telling people that you are saving up to buy "water shoes" really pays off.
17. Drinking water while driving a boat is, in Blake's book, document worthy.
18. You will be photo bombed.
19. Doing things that you did as a kid...were much easier when you were a kid.
20. Vacation is great. But tiring too.
21. The family that bathes together, stays together.

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